Weirdo Company: The Great Dragon Egg Robbery

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There are some attractive special effects in this episode but the final fight in the tomb is oddly short and uninspired. Overall, this is Merlin on autopilot, having a laugh with some endearing characters, but hardly going deeper than that. Is that another word you made up? In most legends including the influential Historia Regum Britanniae and the Welsh Mabinogion it is the red dragon which symbolises Arthur's valiant Britons.

'Black Mirror' Trolls Eagle-Eyed Reddit Users With Insane Easter Egg

The white dragon symbolises the Saxons. The two dragons fight and the red dragon emerges triumphant - it's still seen on the flag of Wales today. There's no Gwen either, for that matter; this one's all about the boys. The name aethusa appears in Homeric Greek to mean a door opened to the sun, and symbolised Apollo. He's got a hard man vibe going on here, punching out two guards and threatening others with a knife. Our favourite, though?

Merlin magically causing Arthur's trousers to fall down while he's bending over a table in the great hall.

Kham and his crew have been out of work lately, and money is tight. So when a job offer comes along for some heavy muscle, Kham isn't inclined to ask too many questions. Glasgian and Urdli work through a local elf fixer who hires additional muscle to fill out the team, including shadowrunner Neko Noguchi.

Weirdo Company: The Great Dragon Egg Robbery (Weirdo Company, #5)

Neko is a plant, brought from Hong Kong for the purpuse by Enterich , a representative of the Saeder-Krupp corporation and its master, the Great Dragon Lofwyr. The run goes smoothly enough. Urdli and Glasgian remove a magical artifact made of crystal from a cave on Salish-Sidhe Council lands outside the sprawl. The ritual magics they use to accomplish the theft attract attention from paranormal animals in the area, for which they needed the heavy fire support. The critters are dealt with and the object achieved.

Mission accomplished, everyone goes home. Easy money. Dodger and Sean Laverty arrive in Puyallup to warn Kham and Neko that those involved in the shadowrun are being eliminated. Nearly too late -- they are still present when a team of mercenaries attacks the hall, killing several of Kham's people. Neko, Kham, and the other survivors fake their own deaths in the resulting building fire and go into hiding in the Ork Underground. Kham becomes aware that elves -- some elves at least -- live unually long lives, and may in fact be immortal. Intrigued by the possibility, Neko helps Kham investigate the truth of elven immortality.

Eventually, they are satisfied that certain elves Laverty and Urdli, specifically have been around for a very long time indeed. Disillusioned and bitter over the short span of years allotted to orks, Kham chooses to believe that elves have some secret magic that they can be forced to share, that can similarly extend the lives of orks and other metatypes.

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He believes that the recent shadowrun is related to this secret of immortality, and that the elves are willing to kill to protect it. Kham leads a shadowrun on Andalusian Light Industries complex in Tacoma , where Glasgian is keeping the crystal artifact. During the shadowrun, they encounter three heavily cybered " hellions " after the same objective.

Luck and unwitting help from Andalusian security allows Kham's team to escape with the crystal. Their success is short-lived.

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They are soon caught by the hellions and other security forces of Saeder-Krupp , led by Enterich, who relieve them of the crystal and depart. Shortly afterward Glasgian arrives, persuades Kham that it is a Bad Thing to leave the artifact in Lofwyr's talons, and enlists his aid in recovering it. As soon as they do so, Glasgian bonds the crystal to himself and flies off, leaving Kham and his team to be re-captured by Enterich. Lofwyr himself convinces Kham that the crystal is an artifact of dragon magic, not elven, and that Glasgian's abuse of its power could have cataclysmic consequences.

Following clues left by Glasgian, Kham's team and the hellions pursue the elf out of the sprawl and into Salish-Sidhe territory. They find Glasgian happily breaking dragon eggs. In the ensuing battle, Kham destroys the crystal artifact, depriving Glasgian of his power and whatever sanity he had to begin with. Kham lives in the Carbonado district of Puyallup New Seattle, p. Some low-level local gangs include the Hotbloods , Ironmongers dwarf , and Black Swords ork.

Many Carbonado orks live together in communal "halls", after the fashion of early Viking longhouses p.

See a Problem?

Why would Sean Laverty deliver a warning in person when it would have been easier, safer, and more efficient to send someone else? It served no practical purpose. He didn't need or want anything from Kham. He asked no questions, made no offers of assistance or employement. Basically, he just delivered a warning, fielded some stupid questions, and got shot at.

People who are born human but goblinize into an ork or troll still live out a normal human lifespan average 75 years. People who are born ork or troll live the lifespan allotted to that metatype average 50 years for a troll, years for an ork. Kham's grandfather, Harry , was born before the turn of the century and "went ork" on Goblinization Day 30 April