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71 Best Kinder Schlafen images in | Kids sleep, Kids room, Apartment ideas

MSL Martin. NEB1 Neal. Esperance Morris book. NEB2 -Bk. NG Newell. Songs and games of American children. NS Knowlton. OSM Sheehan. On a spring morning. OYA Forsythe. Old songs for young Americans. PFP Poulsson. Finger plays. PTS Kurd. Playtime songs. RCS Osgood. SCI Gaynor. Songs of the child world. SF Stevenson. Song flowers, from "A child's garden of verses" set to music, by K.

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See Gaynor. SCI A-tis-ket, a-tas-ket a pretty May basket. See Smith. May basket. TLB Abt. Bee game. HR -Birdies' cradle. HR About boats. ES2 Ace of diamonds. BED Ace of diamonds. FDM Music only. Ach, wie ist's moeglich dann. See Kuecken. How can I leave thee? FS Acrobats and athletic sports. HMC2 Music only. Across the wild heather my laddie comes down. See Meissner. In Scotland. ASC Adam. Christmas song. GS Adams. Christmas carol.

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List of compositions by Franz Abt/LOC Abt Upload List

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All things bright and beautiful. FSK All about, all about, baby's feet are flying. See Froebel. Play with the limbs. SM All alone I wander here. See Alone I wander. KK All around the chicken coop. See Pop goes the weasel. OYA All around the house. See Stevenson. Shadow march.

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Sleep My Child

WS All the trees are lifeless. Rose bush. HR Hill. God's work. SHS All through the night. EFS Owen. All through the night. TLB All up and down, my honey.

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See Sugar lump. NG All you little blackey tops. See Scarecrow. BB All who sing and wish to please. See Goodban. Round on the diatonic scale. JB Alle Vogel sind schon da. See Pretty birdlings. RCS Allegretto. HMC Music only. TLB Allen. Canoe song. EL Christmas carol. EL Clouds and sunshine. In the pleasant sunny meadows. WS Jessie. StN Lullaby. StN Fairlamb. This very sweet song is one part of the very rich folk songs of the friulians and the lyrics are in friulian, an old roman language from the region of Udine.

To learn the lyrics and knowing the melody go here. Fate la nanna, coscine di pollo Go to bed-byes, little chicken legs Italian mothers know this lullaby, which is used regularly with no text variations. The little chicken legs can easily be those of little babies and the skirt refers to the time when many mothers could dedicate their attention to activities such as producing pieces of crochet for their babies. Go to bed-byes, little chicken legs is very popular all over Italy.

It can be heard in different versions. This anonymous lullaby is also very old and sung in all the regions of Romania. The mother wishes her baby to grow and be able to take care of the sheep and lambs and ducklings in the fields. Little children in the countryside always play in the fields among little animals and flowers. They also take care of these animals when they grow up.

It is short and only repeats specific words for inducing peace and sleep to the baby: nani is a typical mimetic word very often used in a lullaby; maica means my mum. In Romanian, it is common to address a baby by the words my mum to show affection. Lullabies in Andalusia nanas in Spanish are closely related to a tradition of Castilian origin with ancient musical and textual components, and are sometimes regarded as a major cultural symbol. Bayu-bayushki-bayu, Ne lozhisya na krayu.

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  5. Pridyot serenkiy volchok, On ukhvatit za bochok I utashchit vo lesok Pod rakitovy kustok. Baby, baby, rock-a-bye On the edge you mustn't lie Or the little grey wolf will come And will nip you on the tum, Tug you off into the wood Underneath the willow-root. The main theme of a lullaby is the love for the child. Various subjects and feelings are expressed in Armenian lullabies, when the mother is rocking the cradle and singing, forgetting her daily burden, remembering past loves, embracing touching memories.

    Doing so, she is also passing past lamentations to the next generation, thus creating a bridge between generations, as well as instilling a love for the homeland. An Armenian lullaby YouTube. Such lullabies mostly articulate the desire for the baby to go to sleep. In the second stanza, the mother describes the baby with her hands and arms decorated with henna. In the old days, it was very common for Turkish people to apply henna on the hands of a baby as a way of blessing the child.

    In the last stanza, the mother expresses her wishes and expectations from a relative. She asks for clothing from an aunt. Although modern, it still has the characteristic traditional lullaby phrases such as hu hu and e-e-e. It may be sung with changes in the first or the following lines. At first glance, the first stanza may seem strange, as its meaning is quite irrelevant to a baby or a lullaby concept. In this stanza the mother is asking the father her husband to keep that girl away.

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    In the second stanza, the mother praises and adores her baby, likening him to the moon. In Turkish lullabies praising the beauty of the baby is a very common subject. For the mother, the baby is more beautiful than anything, even more beautiful than angels. This is another common subject in Turkish lullabies. In the first stanza, the mother likens her baby to an angel, a flower, the apple of her eye, and in the next stanza, she talks about her home as full of love and affection. She tries to comfort the baby. It originated in the nomadic life, which was a common life-style in Anatolia in the past.

    The lullaby is based on a sad story. In time, many versions of the lullaby developed. A famous lullaby is " Summertime " from the Porgy and Bess musical of Sometimes it is also referred to as the Gershwin Lullaby. Although many of the jazz improvizations of this song have "wild chromaticism", the original is quite soothing, and somewhat slow and melancholy, in natural minor. The recurring gentle rocking back and forth between A-minor 6th and E-seventh, in the orchestral strings version, is simultaneously sad and comforting.

    Another famous lullaby is " All the Pretty Little Horses " which many children simply know by the first three words of the lyrics: "Hush a bye". It was originally sung by an African American slave who could not take care of her baby because she was too busy taking care of her master's child. She would therefore sing this song to her master's child Lacy , p. Originally, the lyrics were "birds and butterflies, peck at his eyes" but were changed to "birds and butterflies, flutter 'round his eyes" to make the lullaby less violent for younger children.

    Like "Summertime" this song is also played in natural minor. Losing a child to SIDS is a tragedy that can cause intense reactions of disbelief, denial, confusion, guilt, anger and depression among parents and other family members. This depression often affects sleeping, eating, the ability to focus and overall energy level. Many parents experience unreasonable fears that other family members may also be in danger, and may over-protect surviving children or have fears for future children. Signs that children are suffering include increased clinging to parents, difficulties in school, misbehaving and disturbed sleep.

    It helps to talk to surviving children about the death, explaining that the baby died because of a medical problem that only occurs in infants. Families who have lost an infant may benefit from counseling and support groups, such as services offered through the SIDS Alliance. Reviewed by Daniel S. Lewin, Ph. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and Sleep. Infants are at a greater risk for choking when sleeping on their backs. Doctors have found no increase in choking or other problems in infants who sleep on their backs.

    Side sleeping is just as safe as back sleeping. It is never safe for an infant to be placed on his or her stomach. Sleeping on the back is unhealthy because it causes flattening of the back of the head. Symptoms SIDS is the diagnosis given when an infant under one year of age dies suddenly, and the incident cannot be explained by recent illnesses, medical history, an autopsy or the death scene itself.

    When caring for an infant, the following steps can also reduce the risk of SIDS: Place the baby to sleep on his or her back. Make sure the baby sleeps on a firm mattress, in a safety-approved crib. Ensure that your baby does not become overheated. Offer a pacifier at nap time and bed time. Do not allow smoking around your baby.

    Coping Losing a child to SIDS is a tragedy that can cause intense reactions of disbelief, denial, confusion, guilt, anger and depression among parents and other family members. Popular Articles. How Sleep Affects Your Immunity. Featured Article Image.