The Odd Couple... from the Bench to the Beach

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  1. The Odd Couple 2 Photograph by Michael Arend
  2. A photo of young woman sitting on the odd bench on the beach and holding her longboard.
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While you can't control when this item will be received, you can increase your chances by increasing your Fishing skill and by using the Lucky Find karma power.

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Each skill has a variety of milestone challenges that are associated with it. Progress for each is on an individual Sim basis. Below I have included what I found to be some of the easier milestones to complete. Hunting and Digging milestones for cats and dogs count for this trophy and I found them to be very easy to complete. They all involve finding specific types of collectibles, and once each skill is maxed out, you can specify what type of collectible you want your pet to search for.

Additionally, the Charisma challenges are relatively easy because family members also count as acquaintances, friends, and BFFs and the rewards associated with each milestone make it easier to make friends and complete the others.

The Odd Couple 2 Photograph by Michael Arend

The first step to this trophy is to make the Grim Reaper appear on your lot, meaning a Sim has to die. You will want a Sim with the Daredevil, Evil, and Insane traits. You can either create a new Sim or use the Midlife Crisis lifetime reward to assign these traits. Additionally, you will want to have a chess board on your lot. The method I found easiest was to invite a neighbor Sim to my home and activate the Meteor Strike power on top of that Sim. This power causes a gigantic space rock to fall from the sky crushing any nearby Sims.

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I recommend saving before activating the power as the behavior of Grim can be a tad unpredictable and if things don't go as planned, you can just try again. When the dead Sim's ghost appears and pleads with the Reaper, click on Grim and you should have the option to play a game of chess for the life of the Sim in question.

While the chess game is occurring, have another Sim turn on a radio or TV and invite Grim to join in dancing or watching. This will require a time machine and a Simbot, which you must have a level 10 in the Invention skill to create. Once you reach level 10 in Inventing, you will eventually receive a series of invention skill opportunities. They will involve bringing 1 unit of palladium, 10 life fruit or life fruit seeds, a heart-shaped cut pink diamond, and pieces of scrap to the Science Facility. With the exception of the scrap, all of these materials can be found by a dog with a level 10 Digging skill.

The Science Facility will then give you an item you can take to the Invention Bench in order to make a Simbot. The Sims 3: Pets features 5 mysteries, which are stories around town that require you to complete a variety of tasks. In order to access the mysteries, one of your Sims must first travel to City Hall and choose the option Register As Mysteriologist. The 5 mysteries are named below and walkthroughs can be found in the cited trophies. If you are ever unsure what to do next in a mystery, look for the magnifying glass icon on the Town Map. Once all 5 mysteries have been investigated to completion, the trophy will unlock.

Zombie Bears, Oh My! Avoid the zombie bears to find the pirate ship's log. The Dog Days of Summer Mystery. Just Nine Lives to Live Mystery. Great Scott! Create a flux combobulator. Necessity is the mother of invention Mystery. The Socialite Club Mystery. Simply follow the explanation and create a new family from the main menu. This challenge will unlock once you move the family into a house. As your dog, click on the Police Station and choose to start a part-time job. Dogs only work twice a week so this challenge may take some time to accomplish, but simply continue sending your dog to work in a good mood.

Do not try this with a Brave Sim as they will try and put out the fire themselves. Have a Sim start cooking a meal on the oven and then cancel the action while cooking. Have the Sim hang out next to the oven and eventually the untended food will start a fire. Your dog will likely run around initially but should then run back inside to escort your Sim to safety.

A photo of young woman sitting on the odd bench on the beach and holding her longboard.

The social worker appears to drop off adopted pets. Adopt a pet and attempt to click on the Social Worker when he arrives. You will not be able to interact but this will add him or her to your relationship panel. After the Social Worker leaves, use your cell phone to chat with them and then invite him or her over. Use Mean socials until you are able to choose the Declare Nemesis option. If a cat has a high enough Hunting skill, it is entirely possible to accomplish this with one cat.

However, this can be sped up if you use a family with multiple cats who have learned how to hunt. This will go faster if you choose the Friendly trait for her and each cat during Create A Sim. All of these relics are randomly found by dogs while performing the Sniff Something Out action. To speed up the process, you can use multiple dogs and the Lucky Find karma power. The only exception is 1 of the 8 Octo Avis relics. This is found as part of The Pirate Treasure mystery. To raise your Inventing skill and discover new inventions, you use the Invent action through the workbench.

Eventually, your Sim will discover how to make a complex invention instead of a widget or toy. Choose to make a complex invention at the workbench and you can select what metal you would like to use. If you do not have any palladium, have a dog sniff out metal until it finds some.

It's Alive! Choose any uncut gem from your inventory and select a Heart-cut for it. Your Sim will place it in the mailbox and it should return within a day. Open your inventory, choose an invention to add charges to, and select your Heart-cut gem. Invent a Ghost Zapper at the workbench requires Inventing level 4. Go to a haunting at night and capture a ghost. Select the Ghost Zapper from your Sim's inventory, choose to add charges, and select a spirit.

This requires a time machine, which can be constructed at the Workbench with an Invention skill of level 8. This requires a hot tub. Have your Sim and their romantic partner enter the hot tub, cuddle, and then choose to Woohoo. Once both Sims are inside, click on the building and select Woohoo in Mausoleum. Click on the Theatre and choose Tour Theatre With Once both Sims are inside, click on the building and select Woohoo Backstage.

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In the course of exploring the four locations involved in this challenge group, your Sims will find various objects including books. This challenge is a little tricky because not every book you find will complete this challenge. People have reported completing the challenge after reading different books but the book that worked for me was "I, Timaeus" so if you find this book in your inventory, try reading it.

To get a playable ghost, I would suggest using the Ghostify karma power on one of your Sims. As this Sim, click on a stereo and choose to dance. While you are both dancing, click on Grim again and choose Dance Together. After creating a Simbot, using that Simbot click on any stereo and choose to dance. As any Sim, go to a stereo and choose to dance alone. Leave your Sim dancing for long enough and after a few Sim hours, this challenge will unlock. You must be at least level 3 in the Fishing skill to use bait.

Simply click on the water, choose to fish with bait and then select what bait you would like to use. This requires you to learn what type of bait each fish prefers. This can be achieved by experimenting but it is easier to read the fishing books sold by the bookstore. There are 9 fishing books for sale at the bookstore located in the tab marked with a fishing hook.

Buy and read all of them. From the Town Map, visit Hawthorne Pier. The Bait Shop is a small shack located on the west side of the pier. Simply enter and exit the shop, you do not need to make a purchase. Visit the bookstore and purchase any book under the tab marked with a pacifier. As a child, use the oven to bake a muffin.

Use a cell phone to throw a party and select birthday under party type. This challenge will unlock when the party ends. Select the book purchased for bedtime stories and choose the option to read to your toddler. For a child to age up well, the Sim must be receiving good grades at school. To get good grades, do homework every night and send the Sim to school in a good mood. For a child or teen Sim to make the Honor Roll, their grades must remain in the A range for approximately 3 days.

To maintain grades, do homework every night and send the Sim to school in a good mood. They Grow Up So Fast He received four Oscar screenplay nominations in his career but never won. Mason was Mr. His first wife, Joan, died of cancer in He met Ms.

The Odd Couple

Mason at an audition, and they were married four months later. Mason and James Caan. In the two years Marsha and I were married, I gave her a rough time — still trying to hold on to my relationship with Joan. Marsha is beautiful and talented, and I found ways to find fault with her. One night in California, everything erupted into a terrible fight. I realized then what I was doing. Simon, who lived in Manhattan, was married five times. After his divorce from Ms. Mason, he married the actress Diane Lander in They divorced a year later but remarried in , then divorced again.

Simon married the actress Elaine Joyce in She survives him, along with his daughters Ellen Simon and Nancy Simon from his first marriage and his daughter Bryn Lander Simon from his marriage to Ms. He is also survived by three grandchildren and one great-grandson. Danny Simon died in Simon wrote the book for three successful Broadway musicals in the s.

Fosse and featured Mr. Simon with Mr. Coleman and lyrics by Dorothy Fields. It was revived on Broadway in In his most productive period, Mr. Simon wrote plays at the rate of almost one a year and produced almost 30 over his career. Many of the later works, from the s and beyond, were tepidly received and had brief Broadway runs. That turned out to be his last produced play. He also made news with the announcement of a kidney transplant in The donor was Mr. Evans, his longtime press agent and friend.

Most recently, in the fall of , Mr. It was a poignant comment from the man who more or less defined Broadway achievement for a couple of decades. But while quick flops were relatively rare in his career, Mr. Simon always fought to gain critical respect. Not that women are any less inclined to be slobs than men. But Olive Madison is a study in inconsistencies.

Shannon Connelly is refreshing as Mickey, the sure-footed cop, and ML Graham keeps it real as the super-sophisticate in the group. She has a knack for expressing virtually any and every emotion with no more than the flash of her fiery eyes and the set of her pouty lips. The ex-Mary Poppins does a formidable job, portraying Vera as obtuse rather than just one-dimensionally vacuous. Every show has a scene stealer, and those parts go to Nicu Brouillette and Pedro Kaawaloa, who play Manolo Costazuela and his brother, Jesus.

Though outnumbered by the women, they match them in entusiasmo. October 9, Comments are closed.