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  3. Wiktionary:Frequency lists/Portuguese wordlist - Wiktionary
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You are the front line, the person that interfaces with the customer, the place "Where the rubber meets the road". Ypu are the organization. Local time: Explanation: my suggestion! Anyway, you get the gist of it :. Reference: Bernard, J. Leadhillite , etc. Description: EDS were inconclusive a lead sulphate or a carbonate-sulphate. Morphology hexagonal-pseudohexagonal led to XRD analysis, which confirmed leadhillite. Leucophosphite , etc. Localities: Reported from at least 98 localities in this region. Carvalho, J. Goinhas, L.

Lithiophilite , etc. Ludlamite , etc.

Lun'okite , etc. Localities: Reported from at least 88 localities in this region. Mansfieldite , etc. Formula: AlAsO 4. Marcasite , etc. Localities: Reported from at least 27 localities in this region. Matulaite , etc. Mawbyite , etc. Medenbachite , etc. Reference: Oliveira, V.

Wiktionary:Frequency lists/Portuguese wordlist

Reference: H. Meta-autunite , etc. Mineral replacement reactions in naturally occurring hydrated uranyl phosphates from the Tarabau deposit: Examples in the Cu—Ba uranyl phosphate system. Chemical Geology, , Meteoritic Iron , etc. Reference: Museu de Historia Natural de Lisboa.

Mica Group Bom Sucesso No. Localities: Reported from at least 75 localities in this region. Localities: Reported from at least 44 localities in this region. Although literature mentions it. The literature also mentions that no analyses have yet really confirmed it. Reference: Pimentel, R. Mitridatite , etc. Monazite Portugal No. Formula: Na,Ca 0.

Mordenite Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal. Morinite , etc. Formula: KAl 1. Reference: Gaspar, O. Viana Eng. Formula: Na 0. Description: Visually identified by R. Nordgauite , etc. Reference: Chiappino, L. Rivista Mineralogica Italiana 39 4 , in Italian. Opal-AN Portugal No. Reference: Collected by Pierre Rosseel in October , in paragenesis with realgar. Localities: Reported from at least 35 localities in this region. Orthoserpierite , etc. Reference: Canadian Mineralogist 47, , see Description: Alteration product envolving stibnite crystals.

Reference: C. Panasqueiraite , etc. Description: This mineral is impossible to determine without analysis and none of the specimens uploaded refer any analysis done. Parasymplesite , etc. Parsonsite , etc. Samples collected by Luigi Chiappino and analysed by Dr.

Phenakite , etc. Phillipsite Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal. Phosphophyllite , etc. Phurcalite , etc. Reference: Mason B. Earth Sci. Description: Originally reported to be coeruleolactite. All purported coeruleolactite examined by the authors of the report Foord, E. Published analysis indicates that the vacany in the 'A' site is between 0. It is suggested by this analysis that the turquoise structure likely cannot accomodate Ca in the 'A' site. Analyzed specimens from this locale consistently returned positive for a Turquoise I.

Reference: Site Reference unknown. Foord, E. Mineralogical Magazine, 62, Plumbogummite , etc. Plumbojarosite , etc.

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Formula: Pb 0. Environmental Geology, 55 8 , Preisingerite , etc.

Commodity List

Pseudobrookite , etc. Psilomelane , etc. Localities: Reported from at least 60 localities in this region. Pyrite Avarela No. Pyrochlore , etc. Localities: Reported from at least 21 localities in this region. Tese Doutoramento Univ.


Lisboa, p. Quartz , etc. Agate Amadora, Lisbon, Portugal. Localities: Reported from at least 28 localities in this region. Smoky Quartz Portugal No. Localities: Reported from at least 38 localities in this region. Reference: B. Charoy et al. Reference: Collection of Pierre Rosseel; Confirmed with microprobe analysis.

Reichenbachite , etc. Rhabdophane- Ce , etc. Rhodochrosite Guarda, Portugal. Reference: Bobos, I. Journal of Geochemical Exploration 88, Rittmannite Mangualde, Viseu, Portugal. Reference: M. Orlandi : Canadian Mineralogist ; Cassat, Y. Rittmannite, a new mineral species of the whiteite group from the Mangualde granitic pegmatite, Portugal. Canadian Mineralogist, 27, Rockbridgeite , etc. Rooseveltite , etc. Reference: Bachmann, K.

Microscopy and Microanalysis 23, Rutile Viseu, Portugal. Ilmenorutile , etc. Description: They occur typically as epitaxial crystals over ilmenite, in the periphery of miarolitic cavities. Fluorescence: Fluoresces yellow in both short and longwave. Reference: Matos, J. Geologia, Estremoz, Un. Sampleite , etc. Localities: Reported from at least 68 localities in this region. Schorl , etc. Portugal No. Localities: Reported from at least 57 localities in this region. Localities: Reported from at least 54 localities in this region.

Reference: Joan Rosell - rosellminerals. Locality: Mangualde, Viseu, Portugal - erroneously reported.

Wiktionary:Frequency lists/Portuguese wordlist - Wiktionary

Reference: Rend. Segnitite , etc. Serrabrancaite , etc. Reference: Sergio Varvello collection. Siderite , etc. Localities: Reported from at least 71 localities in this region. Oligonite , etc. Reference: According to pioneer work carried out in the s by C. Localities: Reported from at least 43 localities in this region. Smectite Group , etc. Formula: A 0. Spessartine Portugal No. Reference: [Clark, , "Hey's Mineral Index"]. Sphalerite , etc. Marmatite , etc. Stannite , etc. Stewartite , etc. Localities: Reported from at least 46 localities in this region.

Stilbite subgroup , etc. Reference: Barriga, F.

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  8. Giant pyritic base-metal deposits: The example of Feitais Aljustrel, Portugal. Chemical Geology 69, Stolzite , etc.

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    Strengite , etc. Strontianite Palmeiras No. Strunzite Group , etc. Svanbergite , etc. Description: As subangular blebs found most often in dark areas near grain boundaries. Tenorite , etc. Tetrahedrite , etc. Thomsonite , etc. Thomsonite-Ca , etc. Titanite , etc. Tourmaline Alto dos Seixos No. Localities: Reported from at least 37 localities in this region. Formula: K Li 1. If you need my help refining the details for this video, or how to make these using a P or P puller, please let me know.

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