Syria: Overview of the Humanitarian Response

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More specifically, she expressed deep concern about challenges to protecting persons with both physical and psychological disabilities in humanitarian emergencies. Continued impunity for serious violations of international humanitarian law remains a grave concern. Military operations must always be fully in line with international law.

Syrian Arab Republic

Those who do not comply should be held accountable. She also emphasized the need for a long-term, safe, voluntary and dignified solution for thousands of people, many of whom have been staying in the Rukban refugee camp for more than two years. However, stamping out these groups is not a justification for putting millions of people at risk. Fully implementing the Turkey-Russian Federation ceasefire accord is fundamentally important at this point.

Commending the humanitarian corridors the Russian Federation has helped to facilitate, he said this will ease the return of displaced persons. Meanwhile, the United Nations and humanitarian agencies must continue to deliver life-saving assistance to internally displaced persons wherever needed. Highlighting concerns about humanitarian conditions in several areas, he emphasized that only a political solution that fosters sustainable peace can end the disastrous conflict.

Syria crisis: Humanitarian situation in Syria now | ICRC

Assistance provided to Syria is critical, and as a result, must be depoliticized, with the shameful use of unilateral sanctions only bringing suffering to the population. Instead, efforts should focus on improving the humanitarian situation by, among other things, rebuilding the economy. Raising concerns about several areas, he said conditions are dire in the Al-Hol refugee camp and particularly in zones occupied by the United States are worsening the general situation in Rukban.

Calling on all parties to adhere to international humanitarian law, he asked them to fulfil their obligations to protect civilians. Citing reports of massive school destruction and greatly reduced health services, he said the immediate future of many people is uncertain, with 6.

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Expressing concern about conditions in the Rukban camp, he insisted that humanitarian workers must be able to make regular deliveries and urged Syrian authorities to provide access. Meanwhile, diplomatic efforts must be ramped up to find a political solution. Raising several concerns, he welcomed news that aid has arrived in Rukban and said delays must be prevented for future deliveries. Concerns expressed by returning and displaced persons must be addressed prior to their return, which should be safe, voluntary and dignified, in line with international protection standards and with humanitarian staff present during all phases of relocation.

However, civilians say they are resisting returning to areas controlled by the Government of Syria, whose returnee plan includes reports of expropriating property and forcing individuals to fight a war they just escaped. A political solution must be found, with a plan for a transition and the establishment of credible governance.

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Air strikes and fierce fighting are having a direct impact on schools and hospitals, leaving scores of dead and wounded, while the humanitarian crisis drags on. Welcoming the humanitarian convoy to Rukban, he said the ceasefire in Idlib must be maintained, and international humanitarian law respected, as efforts for a political solution continue.


Humanitarian assistance can only be delivered if words and actions are aligned, he added. He wondered how it was possible that some Member States, including some permanent Council members, could claim to worry about the humanitarian situation while supporting terrorists and maintaining their armed forces illegally in Syria. Requirements for are outlined below. Funding documents. Humanitarian Response Plan.

More Humanitarian Response Plan. Humanitarian Needs Overview. More Humanitarian Needs Overview. Syria Humanitarian Fund. Humanitarian Funds are set up for complex emergencies and support the highest-priority projects of the best-placed responders including internation and national NGOs and UN agencies through an inclusive and tranparent process that supports priorities set out in Humanitarian Response Plans HRPs. Figures below are for this year. Donors The following donors contributed earmarked funding for this year. Contact us Contact us. Report of the Secretary-General on Syria December People in need in hard-to-reach areas in in millions.

Of communities reported that some assistance was delivered in the past three months August Assistance Received by community. Very satisfied. Partially satisfied.

Not satisfied. Severity of Needs While the crisis has affected all people living in Syria to varying degrees, some segments of the population and locations have been more acutely affected than others.